Apex Legends Patch Notes: Unveiling the Mysteries of Season 18’s Resurrection

As enthusiasts of Apex Legends eagerly count on what is subsequent, the latest Apex Legends patch notes are generating great excitement and hypothesis. With Season 17 winding down, the spotlight is now turning towards the a whole lot-anticipated Season 18, aptly dubbed “Resurrection.” From made over Legends to new game mechanics, the Apex Legends patch notes provide a treasure trove of information this is important for each casual players and aggressive gamers alike. Here’s the essential lowdown from the Apex Legends patch notes to prepare you for the thrills and challenges of the forthcoming season.

Apex Legends Patch Notes: When Does Season 17 Conclude and Season 18 Commence?

Mark your calendars for August 8, 2023, as revealed by means of the Apex Legends patch notes. That’s when the curtain falls on Season 17 and rises on Season 18, aptly titled “Resurrection.” This date isn’t best pivotal for the release of latest content material and game mechanics but additionally serves as the finale for the modern-day ranked play season, according to the modern-day Apex Legends patch notes. So equipment as much as explore new maps, master new abilities, and face clean demanding situations as you climb the ranked ladder anew.

What’s New with Revenant in Apex Legends Patch Notes?

The Apex Legends patch notes hint at a major shake-up for Revenant, a individual first delivered in Season four. Termed as “Revenant Reborn,” this transformation involves a entire overhaul of the character’s competencies. If you were hoping for an entirely new Legend, don’t worry—Apex Legends patch notes endorse that Season 19 has something in shop for you.

What Can We Expect from Apex Legends Patch Notes for Season 18?

  • The Apex Legends patch notes are typically teeming with data, and this time is no extraordinary. Here are a few highlights:
  • A new one hundred ten Tier Battle Pass is on the horizon, entire with reactive weapon skins and new cosmetics. The Apex Legends notes hint at an Eva-eight Shotgun pores and skin.
  • Adjustments to current Legends and guns are also part of the Apex Legends notes for the brand new season.
  • Expect new Collection Events that function an all-new Heirloom and Prestige pores and skin, as mentioned in the Apex Legends patch notes.

Stay tuned for the finalized Apex Legends patc notes, as Respawn Entertainment may want to nonetheless wonder us with remaining-minute adjustments or additions.


When is Season 18 of Apex Legends starting?

August 8, 2023, as referred to inside the Apex Legends patch notes.

Who is the made over Legend for Season 18?

Revenant, now known as Revenant Reborn.

Will Season 18 have a new Battle Pass?

Yes, a brand new a hundred and ten Tier Battle Pass is showed in the Apex Legends p notes.

Are there any changes in ranked gameplay?

The give up of Season 17 can even mark the quit of the current ranked season. Season 18 can have new adjustments as according to the Apex Legends patch notes.

What new weapon pores and skin is rumored for Season 18?

A reactive skin for the Eva-8 Shotgun.

Will there be new Collection Events?

Yes, new Heirlooms and Prestige skins are anticipated, as in keeping with the Apex Legends patch notes.

Is pass-development coming in Season 18?

This statistics isn’t showed within the current Apex Legends patch notes.

When will Season 17 cease?

It will stop on August eight, 2023, making way for Season 18.


As we bid adieu to Season 17, the palpable exhilaration for the drawing close Season 18, aptly named “Resurrection,” is reaching fever pitch. From made over Legends and dynamic map adjustments to a number of latest Battle Pass tiers, skins, and even sport-changing competencies, the Apex Legends patch notes have provided a plethora of info for us to dissect. Don’t neglect to stay vigilant and preserve a watch on the final Apex Legends notes, as they will include final-minute surprises or tweaks. So mark your calendar and permit the countdown to August 8 start!

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